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Bring your business from point A to point B without mistakes and according with targets.
Minimize surprises and risks


«The feeling when working with the XPANSIONA team has been, from the first moment, of being able to fully trust in solid and coherent criteria, giving us a bath of reality and laying the foundations for our future strategic plan.»

COO Mindcorp

TAX Optimization
Analytics & Projects Accounting
Holdings Structures
Marketing & Strategy
Grow UP Techs
International Expansion
Financing & Resources analytics
Banks negotiations
Founds Caption
Business Process Automatization
Networks & Cybersecutity
TICs Department


About the Project

The best and the fastest way to reach success is going surrounded by the right team. Our experienced staff will guarantee get the targets on time and on the reasonable budget. Avoid mistakes and refuse utopic and unreal promises. 

Business and Investment

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The Team


TAX & Accounting

Board Member & Founder


del Pino

March 16, 2023

Board Member & Founder


Juan Menéndez

Marketing & Strategy

Board Member & Founder


I. P.

March 18, 2023




Land Area

Year Founded


Connecting With Your City Government

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